International Polyamines Foundation Onlus


6th International Conference on Polyamines: Biochemical, Physiological and Clinical Perspectives

Organizing Committee

Enzo Agostinelli
Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Kazuei Igarashi
Chiba University, Japan

Scientific Advisory Board

E. Agostinelli (Italy)
G. Canettieri (Italy)
S. Fujiwara (Japan)
S. Gilmour (USA)
K. Igarashi (Japan)
A. Kaiser (Germany)
A.R. Khomutov (Russia)
H.J. Lin (Taiwan)
A. Mattoo (USA)
T. Oka (Japan)
O. Phanstiel (USA)
A. Toninello (Italy)
F. Vianello (Italy)
K.T. Wilson (Wilson)

Organizing Secretariat

E. Agostinelli, R. Bordone, G. Canettieri, S. Coni, L. Di Magno, C. Fiorucci, D. Ivy, A. Montella, R. Pellegrino, A. Ragno, L. Rutigliano, T. Tahara.

Organizing Secretariat

Enzo Agostinelli
Department of Sensory Organs,
SAPIENZA University of Rome
University Hospital “Policlinico Umberto I“
Viale del Policlinico 155, I-00161 Rome, Italy
Mobile: +39 335 7072166
Phone Hospital: +39 (0)6 49976857 (Office/lab: 76857)
e-mail :

Scientific program:

Updated July 18th, 2022

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